My re-entry

Well,it took me this long to be back on blog again.

It is always work work and work.Looks like all this work and no play has made me dull like little Tommy.The Christmas season approachingwe had a large scale spring cleaning at home.

We bought a new cot  which had to be fixed on our own-which my husband gladly agreed to.Looks like men get as much joy in fixing tinings and carpentry as much as women get from baking a cake.Well this lasted longer with all the swedish technology and the umpteen number of screws, the cot was finally successfully fixed in about half a days time with 4 large drawers waiting to fill up our well preserved junk.

Well men in action is awonderful  sight at home-they bother you less ( or at times more even when working)-

Talking about endless junk I wonder how they dont get spoiled inspite of all the rough throwing around and what needs to be well kept- believe me…. they just dont last


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