My Xmas 2010

Oh Well.I am a very busy housewife juggling between work ,2 kids and other aged and unaged family members at home.Now I am in a open house and that is how I got this wee little time for my favourite blog.When I have the time , my muse wudnt be free, and when I am not  free- which rarely is- my muse keeps suggesting threads for interesting words to jot down-So why coudnt the people who invented blog  attach a muse to it- lol- Then ofcourse what are we all here for?..

I think i am almost complete for xmas – so sad with 2 more days to xmas we are still working. My xmas goodies are all over and I have to start all the baking now atleast today evening.Well letme relieve myself thinking of the gifts for kids, all wrapped and ready, and other house decor..Dont want to be the wailing wife all the time- After all it is Xmas the season of good cheer.So.. Merry X mas and Happy New Year to ALL


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